Rhul Trampolining Club raises money for charity

The RHUL Trampolining club is small but vibrant and has a growing membership year on year. We play hard and we work hard and no more so than this week when we raised money for our chosen charity. In light of the university’s Make-A-Difference day, we decided to make our difference in our own way by hosting a fancy dress themed trampolining session with the help of RAG.

Through a combination of session fee’s, selling RAG t-shirts and passing around the charity bucket we raised over £65 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. We must have looked a strange bunch to the kick-boxing club practising across the hall, but then it’s not every day that you see a pirate, a zombie, a fairy, an angel, a devil and all other manner of “Make Believe” characters working their moves on a trampoline!

Sessions run every Thursday from 8 – 10 PM and cost only £3, which enables us to hire our lovely coach Laura to take us through badges and competitions. Members need to have valid insurance from the SU and pay a one-off membership fee of £10 which helps us to plan socials and sort out equipment we may need. Socials are nearly always casual, and planned for a night in which most people can make it; they range from a relaxed drink at a local pub to days out at theme parks to weekends in Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome to join our club from all skill sets and backgrounds, whether you are a complete beginner or you know the trampoline like the back of your hand. We’re always happy to get new members so please come and try it out!

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