Small Steps in Order to Form a More Perfect Union

An almost empty Student Union General Meeting on Tuesday 23rd February saw three amendments made regulations A, B and C. Following a considerable list of apologies for those who could not attend, business was commenced.

Statements included news of culture week running between the 1st and 7th March. James Pigeon urged all present to get involved with the 40+ events that will be going on across campus. Also announced was the opening of Laurel award nominations along with a host of other elected positions. Beth Rowley publicized the upcoming volunteer week stressing that it was not too late to get involved. Finally Claire Nineham noted that tickets for the History Society Dinner will go on sale from the 24th. There then followed “60 second sab” where David Pigeon, Charlotte Bassam-Bowles and David Cummins listed all that they had done since the last General Meeting.

Attention then turned to the planned amendments to union regulations. All three of the regulations had previously been under consideration for amendment however it would be the changed to amendment A that will cause the greatest change. Passed unanimously part of this amendment will require the president or a named official of every society and club to attend each General Meeting. Though no doubt unpopular with some this will allow for much greater communication between all.

Secondly and also passed unanimously were amendments to how complaints and infractions are dealt with during campaigning. With the elections to a number of posts coming up shortly this should make the election process much smoother. Finally and also passed unanimously was an amendment to regulation C that changed the role of certain officers’ responsibilities.

With no other business the meeting was concluded.

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