A response to Bill O’Reilly on the Pidgeon Administration

The last edition of The Founder featured ‘new political satirist’ Bill O’Reilly who launched a full on assault on the Students’ Union under a title which revolved around some sort of witty pigeon pun. It was all downhill from there. Indeed, the mildly amusing title was as good as it got.

Oh, and no pseudonyms here. I am writing under my real name unlike Mr O’Reilly who felt it necessary to ‘protect’ his identity. Yes, very cunning Bill. I feel that if you are going to so publicly criticise anyone then you should at least give them the respect of using your own name!

Within a page of ‘political satire’ Mr O’Reilly did little more than present 2 points, both of which were half-hearted and trivial criticisms with no solutions offered. Firstly, he thought that the Fresh and Fruity nights were the same as last year. Yes, I would love a little more variety and a few more big names at bargain-bin prices wouldn’t go astray, but what were you expecting? There is only so much that can be done given the resources at hand. The Union is not exactly the O2 and 5 quid doesn’t go far. The second criticism was that the smoking area shelter was too expensive. If these are the biggest criticisms so far then the ‘Pigeon administration’ can consider itself a raving success.

This brave bit of journalism then accused the SU of being a dictatorship and urged all students to abstain from getting involved in its activities. Hmm…is that right Mr O’Reilly? Being the fool I am, I shall ignore such wise words on the basis that SURHUL is one of the most engaging in the country. In fact the SU urges participation despite being largely ignored with only a few hundred students choosing to vote each year. I am sure that if the Bill had anything constructive to say and presented his ideas in an appropriate form (not his ‘satirical’ column) then the SU would only be too happy to engage with him.

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