A new dawn for British Democracy?

In a disenfranchised and apathetic nation, a new way of doing democracy is launched, allowing people to choose how the country is run.

On January 18th a poll opens allowing people to choose from a selection of policy proposals, originating from the public and decided on by the public.

Power 2010, a campaign aimed at increasing the power of the population in our democracy, plans to put forward five policy proposals to each of the main parties. It is hoped that they will then pledge to make these proposals policy if they win the election.

After the Expenses Scandal, public faith in our democracy collapsed. People no longer trust politicians to decide how the country is run. However, rather than resorting to apathy, people are being given the opportunity say how they believe the country can be fixed.

Unlike lobby groups, Power 2010 is using a unique method of determining what people want. The general population was asked to offer suggestions of possible policy changes, ranging from the introduction of a proportionally representative electoral system to holding a referendum on EU membership. These were then consolidated into 58 proposals. The policies were then debated by a random sample of 200 members of the general public, including one Hollowegian, who scored the proposals. By assessing the results of this poll, a short list of proposals is being launched, which the general public will be able to vote on. This non-partisan way of choosing policies will offer the real views of the public, free from politicking and spin.

This campaign is supported by the Rowntree Foundation and the peer Baroness Helena Kennedy. However, to make a change, as many members of the public as possible need to back the campaign. This can be done by voting for policies on the Power 2010 website during the five weeks starting January 18th. This will allow people to choose the issues they want the upcoming election to be fought on, rather than letting Westminster decide.

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