Holloway protects the Human!

For five consecutive days, between the 19th & 23rd of October, RHUL’s Amnesty International Society mobilised themselves for events around campus to raise awareness for Human Rights. ‘Protect the Human Week’ was part of a larger campaign by Amnesty International as a whole, but these images reveal RHUL’s take on the matter.

Bookending the week’s events, the volunteers rid students of their inhibitions by giving out ‘hugs for human rights’ on Monday and Friday outside the Windsor Building.

They hosted a free screening of last year’s poignant Oscar magnet ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ on Tuesday in the Main Lecture Theatre. Amnesty President Anna Misterska explained the film choice, describing it as ‘a great movie, which illustrates the human rights abuses related to poverty and gives you that extra bit of motivation to take action.’ Here they were also able to raise extra awareness for ‘Demand Dignity’, a wider campaign which aims to raise awareness of human rights abuse on the global scale.

Wednesday saw Crosslands play host to a Human Rights Pub Quiz, Amnesty competitions, a prize-packed raffle (selling 300+ tickets) and a party.

On Thursday, full-time Amnesty Campaigner Paul Eagle made an appearance to talk about Demand Dignity. ‘His talk was fun and inspirational,’ says Misterska ‘because he is one of the people who started the whole campaign so he went to these communities, spoke to the people himself, and knows everything about it.’

‘We’re particularly happy that we’ve managed to prove human rights activism doesn’t have to be boring, difficult or dull,’ she says. ‘There are plenty of options and a way for everyone to get involved.’

Amnesty International at Royal Holloway expects to have raised over £250 from the week.

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