Royal Holloway student’s film selected for awards

Suzanne Cohen has had her short film, entitled ‘Out of Time’, chosen for the BBC’s Film Network site.  This site allows new British filmmakers to showcase their developing talent and gives the opportunity for unique films to be seen by the public.  The interactive resource screens three new films a week, letting viewers rate and comment on the growing number of films in the catalogue.

‘Out of Time’ tells the story of how a young woman regains her love of life after moving into the new Arsenal Football Club stadium complex following the death of her father.  This thread is juxtaposed with the story of the Arsenal fans; how they felt about the old stadium, Highbury, and their views on the new Emirates stadium.

Cohen said when filming the old stadium at Highbury “I sympathised with the sense of loss the fans felt and drew a parallel in the film with my feelings about the death of my father”.

‘The Red Mosque’, produced by Syed Atef Amjad Ali, has been selected for screening at the 21st International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.  The IDFA is the largest documentary film festival in Europe and was founded in 1988 to promote documentary culture, both nationally and internationally.

The film explores a personal journey made by Syed in order to trace his upbringing in Pakistan, and also shows the complexities of issues surrounding fundamentalism in Islamic countries by taking the viewer through Operation Silence, a large military operation against armed militants in Islamabad.  The film was made with funding from the Jan Virijman fund and completed despite difficulties filming and collecting footage when in Pakistan.

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