Creative writing graduate sells first novel

Penny Rudge, a graduate of Royal Holloway’s MA in Creative Writing course which is led by Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, is currently working towards a PhD in Creative Writing at the college and is also writing her second novel.  Her first book is entitled ‘The Life and Loves of Taras Krohe’, and will be released in paperback at the beginning of next year.

One of the leading UK publishing houses, ‘Little, Brown’ Book Group, has obtained the rights to the novel after the editorial director at Abacus, Jenny Parrott, bought the rights from Penny’s agent.

Penny has stated she is ‘delighted’ to have sold her first novel title.  ‘I’m looking forward to working with Jenny Parrott – the very experienced editor of the Abacus imprint. I owe a big debt of thanks to my agent, Caroline Wood at Felicity Bryan, and to Professor Andrew Motion who mentored me during my MA in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway’.

The Head of the Department of English at Royal Holloway, Professor Robert Hampson, said he is ‘delighted by Penny’s success’ and that selling her first novel is ‘a great achievement’.  Commenting on the popularity and success of the MA in Creative Writing course, he said ‘Penny is another in a growing list of students, which includes Joe Treasure and Tahmima Anam, who have gone on to publication deals after taking the MA.’

Jenny Parrott, who claimed the book made her laugh out loud and is ‘wonderful and blackly comic’, has said: ‘We are all thrilled at Little Brown that we have bought such a heart-warming and immensely readable literary debut, and so we very much hope that Penny becomes a sparkling name of the future who will really set cash tills ringing’.

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