Kingswood sealed off after nearby suicide attempt

In a statement to The Founder, Surrey Police said they received a call to an address in Coopers Hill Lane at 13:37 on Monday 27th October. Police had received reports of gunfire in the area prior to their arrival, and as a precaution sealed off the area, including Kingswood Hall.

Alan Lintott, a local property developer, allegedly shot himself in the head in front of police when they arrived at his property on Monday afternoon. Mr Lintott was approached by Police, but pulled the trigger of the shotgun before officers were able to act. Fortunately, the weapon slipped and Mr Lintott survived with severe facial injuries. The father of three is now in a stable condition in St PeterÂ’s Hospital in Chertsey.

According to an eye-witness there were “eight police cars and a helicopter” and many of the officers present were armed. It is believed the police were called when a local ranger saw a man walking around the vicinity armed with a shotgun. Mr Lintott’s wife also contacted Police when she realised her husband was missing.

Kingswood Hall was closed off for a period of time whilst Police and Paramedics cleared the scene and begun their investigations. The case has now been voluntarily passed to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) by Surrey Police.

Royal Holloway Vice-Principal Rob Kemp sent out an email to students the day after the incident, 28th October, to confirm that no students or staff of Royal Holloway were involved in the incident. Surrey Police confirmed to The Founder that the man had no direct connection to the university.

The nature of the incident means there is no further danger to students or other local people.

The Police investigation continues.

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