KCLSU President dismissed over allegations of racism

We contacted KCLSU directly, asking whether Chris had been dismissed as our source suggested. We were referred to a previous statement on the KCLSU website stating that Mr Mullan was still under investigation by the KCLSU Trustees. KCLSU Head of Marketing and Communication Jennifer Finn told The Founder: “I can assure you that Chris has not been dismissed. He is the subject of an employment disciplinary process…this process is still ongoing.”

A text message from Mullan shown to The Founder last week suggested he believed he had been dismissed, inviting friends to “leaving drinks”. The Founder also understands Mullan may have been dismissed due to pressure from Kings College London, even after he was cleared of racism by the NUS.

The allegations were made after Mullan was accused of implying a link between Black people and knife crime during a role-play activity at an NUS Conference over the summer. A source, who attended the conference, told The Founder they felt Mullan had not been informed of some details of the role play, and therefore had been unaware of any racial connotations which could be attached to his comments.

The NUS cleared Mullan of racism, stating his comments were “inappropriate” but were not “motivated by any racist agenda”.

It is alleged that Kings College London pressured the Union into terminating Mullan’s contract because of negative press coverage of the accusations levelled against him.

The manner in which Mullan was dismissed is being labelled “disgraceful” by many, with others saying the disciplinary process against Chris has been neither “transparent” or “fair”.

Download The Founder’s Special Edition podcast regarding Chris Mullan’s dismissal by clicking here.

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