Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul

Opener Bag It Up lays down the benchmark for the rest of the LP, expertly fusing a raw guitar sound with psychedelic vocals from Liam and Noel. A strong but simple opening track, The Turning takes us back to the Oasis we all know, a powerful number featuring an electric keyboard, classic guitar solo and typically bizarre vocals, with Liam snarling ‘Shake your rag doll, baby!’. By the time highlight The Shock of Lightning kicks in, tearing the album in half, you know the most exciting band in the world are well and truly back.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this album is the sharing of the songwriting. Guitarist Gem Archer and Bassist Andy Bell contribute the hypnotic To Be Where’s There’s Life and the stomping The Nature of Reality respectively, with Liam penning the underwhelming Ain’t Got Nothin’, but surprisingly brilliant John Lennon tribute I’m Outta Time – a track the Beatles legend would have been proud of himself. Noel’s Falling Down, echoing The Masterplan, could be their best track this century and is likely to be a future single.

This album marks a significant step in Oasis’s re-ascent to greatness. It blends dirty and raw guitar riffs with a distinctive psychedelic sound, tipping a cap to The Beatles as expected. Whereas their acclaimed 2005 release Don’t Believe The Truth reminded us of the simple pleasures of songwriting, Dig Out Your Soul demonstrates pure rock and roll. It’s superb – loud, proud and at times completely lacking any sense. The foundations of stadiums across the world may not be able to handle this one.

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