Kings of Leon

Jared Followill lays down delicate but fierce bass lines, and Caleb and cousin Matthew Followill build on them with epic guitar breaks on “Use Somebody”. It’s the mark of a great band when each new album is better than the one before it, and with “Only by the Night,” The Kings of Leon prove they’re in it for the long run with it being one of the albums highlights. “Use Somebody” is an exquisite anthem style rock song that you imagine echoing around Wembley Stadium or the 02 with lighters aloft!

This album is a grower, admittedly it sounds like one long, 43-minute medium-quality and lazy tempo track on first listen but begins to reveal its hidden gems on subsequent listens. “Sex on Fire” may just be one of the best pop-rock singles this year. It is as fun, fresh and funky as the first single, an Aha Shake Heartbreak style rocker with Caleb Followill doing his best to let the listener know that this sex is most indeed “On Fiiiiiiyaaah!”. It smacks of gin and regret, in a good way.

It’s not all sunshine and lollipops, further down the track listing, “I Want You” repeats the exact same thing over a never-ending post-grunge bass line rewritten from Because of the Times “On Call” and spiced with a tame cowbell.

Therein lies the problem with the momentum. It can take you places you donÂ’t want to go. This is an album which feels like it was made very quickly (just under a year) not because of artists reaching a terminal velocity of creativity, but to take maximum advantage of an audience who may not be here this time next year. That shall remain to be seen. Personally I think they are going to become bigger than Amy WinehouseÂ’s hair.

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