Founder writer receives £500 journalism award

Speaking to The Founder on receiving the award, Nick said: “When I found out that I had won Royal Holloway’s Mary Macpherson Essay Prize for journalistic writing, I was very excited. I never imagined that I would win a prize for my article on Pakistan, and I am grateful to the college’s Student Awards Group for their decision."

The award was given for Nick’s piece, ‘PakistanÂ’s Crisis and The Boy Who Would Be King‘, regarding Bilawal Bhutto’s succession to the throne in the wake of his mother’s death. The article was published in The Founder in January and was the first in a series of three extended features written by Nick.

The Mary Macpherson Prize was established at Bedford College in 1940 by a bequest from the late Fenton Macpherson in memory of his wife, a former student of the College. Mr Macpherson spent his working life in Fleet Street and it was his hope that a hidden talent for good quality journalism would be found. The prize was intended to encourage the ability to write cogently and concisely in good English, particularly by students considering a career in journalism. The College states that: "the Prize is clearly intended to promote good journalistic writing and will be awarded accordingly".

"I would also like to thank Jack Lenox for nominating me and for publishing my articles," said Nick. "I hope that this award will encourage other aspiring student journalists to write for The Founder, so that important and sometimes overlooked news items are given the column-inches needed to promote interest and discussion across campus.”

For more information on the Mary Macpherson Prize, visit the College website here.

Articles by Nick Teasdale:
PakistanÂ’s Crisis and The Boy Who Would Be King
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