Hollowegian reaches final in Beijing

Today’s final was supposed to have taken place yesterday but due to poor weather conditions in Beijing – which brought a halt to many of the outdoor sports at the games – a delay of 24 hours was imposed.

"Expectations were just blown right off the water for me." Rodrigo said, speaking to The Founder after his final race. "I mean even just the Olympic Village and the whole organisation of the games would satisfy any individual. More importantly, being able to represent your nation on the world’s stage has been a truly important experience for me. Being able to meet and see the greatest athletes in the world, from eating a meal with them in the dining hall to seing them win a medal is something quite special."

Rodrigo has long been preparing for the games performing at very high standards for RHUL’s Boat Club, leading them to success on many occasions.

However, it has not all been fun and games. Speaking to The Founder’s QUAD supplement in May, Ideus said: "I can’t fall asleep at night, I’m really nervous, I even feel like throwing up… However, once the race starts it all fades away."

He has been keeping his fans/friends up-to-date on Facebook by posting notes on his progress. Part of his last entry reads: "Hope you have fun watching and just know I’ll be givin’ it some for you guys!"

Congratulations to Rodrigo are in order and there is little doubt that he will receive a hero’s welcome on his return to the UK after the games.

Not alone in Beijing, Ideus is accompanied by fellow Hollowegian Zeina Shaban, an international table tennis star competing for Jordan. Zeina’s first appearance will be taking place on 18 August in the Peking University Gymnasium.

To see Rodrigo’s profile on the official Beijing Olympics 2008 website, click here:

For Zeina Shaban, click here:

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