Holloway girls run race for life

A Tom Cat mentioned that “doing it three legged turned out to be harder than we imagined, but it was great fun and was a brilliant way to raise money for such a fantastic cause.” The Tom Cats have in fact raised over £2,000 for the appeal which helps fund research into many types of cancer and covers all aspects of the disease.

The girls stood out from the crowd with different finishes, most notably would be the president and the president incumbent, Kim and Al, making an impressive finish with a shoulder sit. Whilst the three legged girls were interviewed on the finish line.

As usual, at these events, the U2 song ‘It’s a beautiful day’ belted out of the speakers. Yet, for once it did not sound cliché because it was. One lady even completed the race after being given the all-clear four days before.

The message of the day was one of solidarity and support, people ran the race for ‘Mum and Grandpa’ whilst others ran for ‘everybody affected by cancer’. It seems highly plausible that with the combined support of over 3,000 women on the day a cheerleader can claim that “running the Race for Life with Tom Cats added a whole new meaning to the day; we were raising money for a great charity whilst having a brilliant day together which will definitely not be forgotten.”

There were a total of 48 Holloway girls at the women-only event. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

In the words of cheer captain Jess Quiligotti: “Bring on next year!” 

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