Sarah Maple, Holloway graduate’s success in the art world

Following your dream as an artist, how did you successfully financially cope while focusing on your work and also living away from home?
I had 2 part time jobs, they never mention that in any of the interviews, they act like I’ve got all this money and I’m already earning tons from it, I wish I was! I was really lucky that in October I won the ‘4 sensations prize’ which set me off to a good start in paying a few months’ rent!

How did you get off the ground, where did you start?
Work experience is key to get your name and face in any industry, personally I worked in galleries so was able to see not just good work, but discuss and learn things I didnÂ’t get to cover in my degree. As we all know degrees seem to miss key elements about the real world.

What did you learn most from your degree?
I found that while working on my degree, although it was a fantastic experience, there is an indefinite amount you can learn in any subject, and a lot them like publishing or the media industry as well as the art world require experience over the degreeÂ… and although I enjoyed my degree, it is personal as to whether it is useful. I donÂ’t regret it at all!

What are you doing to push your career forward?
Working hard on my art, networking, marketing yourself is important as however good you may be and however fantastic (or crap) you might be, you wonÂ’t get noticed without putting yourself out there.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Err.. famousÂ… haha.

No no, only kidding, IÂ’ve gotta explain myself. I want recognition for my art, not because I am insecure, I love my art, but I want to be successful and monitoring that through public recognition, itÂ’s like if people are interested in you, and people are talking about you, even if they think you are a bit of a t**t, then it shows your art is touching people.

Has the year after graduating gone quickly?

Dunno, basically after you graduate you take a little time to sort yourself and assess your options, and then when your sorted, before you know a yearÂ’s gone by!

How do you feel the last year has gone since you graduated and any big changes?
OK, very well thanks, its gone really quickly! I have to say though, moving out was a big deal! Although it fell through IÂ’ve got a gallery there, and having my own space, I feel IÂ’ve finally entered the big wild world and itÂ’s scary!

What was the first thing you did after graduating?
Carried on as normal!

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