Pushing Daisies

It is a light-hearted story about Ned, a supernatural being yet everyday bloke, who has the power to bring dead people to life with a single touch. However, if they stay alive some else dies, so he is forced to touch kill them. Sounds odd, but that is the premise. SPOILERS WARNING, after the first episode Ned brings an old friend back to life, and does not touch her (as a result, an evil lawyer drops dead, alas). This story has been told all too recently, BuffyÂ’s Angel and the vampire slayer herself could not have sex, but these two cannot even touch. The sexual tension seeps from their dead pores.

A magnificent arrangement of colour, and an offbeat plot, Pushing Daisies, although nice, leaves little attachment to a future, and feels closed and limited. The unconventional plot prohibits it from moving forward – perhaps the entire budget was spent on production value.

Pushing Daisies has massive potential, but ITV does not even air the show in its proper order. This may be why a nation is turning away from television, clearly the programmers do not understand the nature of serial television today! Enjoy the visual feast that is Pushing Daisies and sit back and hope for a more addictive, emotionally binding plot.

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