It is natural to loathe this grotesque world that we inhabit, one where people are more likely to protect puppies than children

At all times we are apprehended before we open our mouths. We are what we own or wear. The will to categorise devalues precision. One is choked by the miasma of conformity. It is as if some facile supraentity directs the way in which all people behave. Social hierarchy becomes indistinguishable from basic interaction. Character is brutalised and all are dragged ever onwards unto banality. There are too many insubstantive labels. Too many false subcultures. Fucking meaningless insinuations wrought in the fires of insecurity. The individual ceases to exist as the typological process becomes irrepressible. Counter-culture itself has become uniform and regulated, nothing more than a petty imitation of genuine originality. Subcultures render all adherents the same. There is the potential to live an extremely dull life. Boxes and archetype triumph. We are enslaved in this process of identification.

Worse still are religious, national and ethnic identities. It is obvious that these are artificial. Perception is suffused with terrible generalisations. It is absurd that an individual might be defined as a faceless Christian or Englishman rather than a person. The BNP is only the most loathsome appendage of a wider pseudo-spiritual movement. All national and religious theologies are built upon myth. More revolting still is the assumption that these sectarian groups operate coherently and comprise unitary wholes. Being is then defined by doctrine. Such ontological impetuousness reinforces the bourgeois taxonomical reflex. It is incorrect to suppose that progressive politics are compatible with these backward ideologies. The compulsion to demarcate originates in ignorance; the inane modes of a fearful herd mentality. The only true differences are those innate to an individual, those that confirm their anomalousness and separate them from grander constructs. More sophisticated philosophies must be embraced. Those that account for the sheer diversity inherent to interrelated substrata. If culture and individuality have become conterminous the only way out is to free oneself from its influence.

We observe that nationalists – specifically those that want to “send them back” – are in reality amongst the most ‘unpatrioticÂ’ people one might encounter. I mean this in the loosest sense. Yes, they may salute the Union Flag with a pulsating shaft and a beyellowed grin. It is probable that they adore that rather intangible thing formerly described as British culture. That they masturbate and masticate over visions of Nelson or fish and chips. Immigration and the EU sustain the United Kingdom. We are infinitely better off. Without such an influx all would be lost. It is at once irrational and suicidal to demand that this country revert to some quasi-autarkical state. Why are they so compelled to defecate all over their country? One is perplexed by such idiocy.

All heterodox writers (myself included) are recast as frustrated and erroneous desperadoes. Mere accessories to the maintenance of false cultures and the creation of idols. Nothing beyond pure living is worth very much. Articles such as this one are almost entirely pointless. They are simply acts of futile resistance. They are worth little more than the paper upon which they are printed. Best used to sweep away faecal matter. In this era of quasi-radicalism how could they be anything but? The closest thing to deviation is almost always an approximation to the status quo. Consider the absorption of environmentalism into the bourgeois whole. Partisan politics is reminiscent of an argument between confused guests at a dinner party. Each participant is more willing than the last to demonstrate that he or she is a moderate revolutionary. Tax payers cannot stray too far from the centre lest they fall into the pit of disrepute. Anyone that takes life or ideals too seriously is a jester. It is a parody of the fringe that we believe exists. Radicalism is a modern farce that engenders laughter. One would expect nothing less.

The task is to coordinate an effective response to convention. The role of race, ethnicity or even subcultural affiliation in the formulation of an identity should be minimised. Socio-economic status and ideological preference are important insofar as they influence government. There is no sense in favouring the autochthonous or the moderate. Monolithic subcultures and dominant ones should be resisted. If they are not then we will all end up the same. Brutish and selfish individuals that are free to buy and sell. Free to conform. The individual must be salvaged from the cadavers of capitalism, nationalism and culture. Without subjectivity freedom of thought and action cannot truly exist.

P. s. London has elected an incompetent racist. Forever fear the insuperable stupidity of a fairly large number of people.

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