Forget Sarah Marshall, it’s all about the men

An honorable mention must go to Russell Brand who excels in his role as the sexualized rocker Elvis Snow. But by far the stars of the film are the underplayed supporting cast of Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd. They play an oddball bunch of hotel assistants and guests whose fantastic characterizations add to the films authenticity. I say authenticity because unlike most films in this category there is no “bad guy” or “evil bitch”. It is an honest depiction of the end of a relationship, just told through movie stars; albeit ones who mostly look like us. Of course there are elements of the ridiculous such as the “uber hot” receptionist falling for a man in a Hawaiian shirt but you can overlook these points thanks to the moments of pure comedy.

Don’t expect The English Patient, but if you do go see this highly amusing film I guarantee that you will leave the cinema with a grin on your face and an undeniable urge to drink a cocktail – even if it does not propel you into the arms of a man in a Hawaiian shirt.

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