Shock attack on Tory council hopeful

The chances of being struck by lightning are thought to be somewhere between 280,000 and 576,000 to 1 making Chapman a very unlucky person.

"Lightning tends to be a nervous system injury and may affect the brain, autonomic nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. When the brain is affected, the person often has difficulty with short-term memory, coding new information and accessing old information, multitasking, distractibility, irritability and personality change.

Early on, survivors may complain of intense headaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other post-concussion types of symptoms. Survivors may also experience difficulty sleeping, sometimes sleeping excessively at first and then only two or three hours at a time. A few may develop seizure-like activity several weeks to months after the injury.

Many lightning victims may suffer personality changes because of frontal lobe damage and become quite irritable and easy to anger. People who wake up after the injury often do not have the ability to express what is wrong with them, may not recognize much, become embarrassed when they cannot carry on a conversation, work at their previous job, or do the activities that they used to handle. As a result, many isolate themselves, withdrawing from church, friends, family and other activities. Friends, family and co-workers who see the same external person, may not understand why the survivor is so different. Friends soon stop coming by or asking them to participate in activities. Families who are not committed to each other break up." Source: NWS Lightning Safety Medical Information

Chapman spoke to The Founder after the event and said that he did feel quite nauseous, dizzy and tired, but was otherwise alright.

Some commentators have quipped that this may be a sign from the gods and perhaps a bad omen for the Conservative party. The count will be occurring on the evening of Thursday 1 May at which point Londoners will also find out the outcome of the mayoral election.

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