New music campaigners take over Crosslands

Live music certainly lacks at RHUL and not just on campus, Staines’ ‘Que Pasa’ is not quite what we’re after and the live music events at The Village Grill don’t quite hit the spot either. A couple of weeks ago Holloway’s Got Talent saw unknown musicians slightly more exposed and the Xlands unplugged evenings pull out the crowds, however live music on campus is certainly down played. Was this terms union highlight Karl Kennedy. Hmmmm…

Love To Make Noise is a collective of like minded RHUL students brought together by a shared appreciation of music turned up loud and dancing long into the night. What started as an idea quickly turned into a plan of action and Love To Make Noise was hatched as a brand new platform perfect for projecting creative minds and innovative live music to Royal Holloway students who crave something a little different. Inspired by the sheer scale of members calling for SU reform on a single facebook group, Love To Make Noise is joining an already bustling wave of students who feel that, in terms of nightlife, something needs to and can be done. Love To Make Noise is for anyone into twisting and shouting and stomping and shaking. For everybody that knows RHUL has the potential to come alive. It is an outlet for inventive music and good times.

So far the eveningÂ’s acts include the acoustic guitarist from London Babar Luck, Campus folk favourites Handshake, new up and coming campus poppy folkites Mucky Little Paw Prints and to end the evening a mix up of dirty punk from The Dandy Highwaymen.

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