Does It Offend You Yeah?

I have never seen Brixton Academy come alive and energetic so quickly. The lights went down and the madness begins. The show was loud, bright and flamboyant and ending with part of the audience dancing on the stage. The band was electric, the light show mind blowing and the smoke machine intoxicating. The band are described as electro/punk/indie and with their heavy beats, messy rifts and a sprinkling of synth music via a keyboard I would say this isn’t far from the truth. The band have a kind of crazy charisma about them going wild on stage, jumping about, screaming at audience and starting a frenzy of hands in the air. Frontman, Morgan Quaintance, had a demented energy about him that mesmerised the audience, including myself. Let’s Make Out contained distorted sounds and funky beats reminiscent of CSS and Bloc Party and We Are Rock Stars reminded me more of old skool punk bands like Black Flag and Sex Pistols in parts. A raucous and exciting night out.

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