Sweeney Todd

While this film is certainly not for the faint-hearted, Tim Burton’s copious and theatrical use of blood gives the film an almost comical quality, which is exacerbated by the fact that it’s also a musical (Somehow I can never quite take Depp seriously when he’s singing in falsetto). Steven Sandheim deals beautifully with the score for the film, keeping it less fragmented and complicated than in his previous productions e.g ‘Into the Woods’. The music is a little more singable, which is humorous considering the depravity of some of the lyrics.

The acting is fantastic. Alan Rickman is fabulous as the judge, the perfect level of perversion (although Burton saves us from the less-than-lovely self-flagellation and masturbation scene from the play); and Helena Bonham-Carter has that ‘scraggly old hag’ look down pat.

The ending of the film leaves you feeling sad but satisfied (maybe for some, because the slashing is over), as Todd finds that revenge isnÂ’t as sweet as he first thought.

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