Guard jailed after sex attack

Toyin Salako, prosecuting, told Guildford Crown Court how the girl, from Moscow, was asleep in her room at the Kingswood residence with her door shut but not locked on the night of August 7th last year. She was woken up at 4am “to find her nightdress and knickers rolled up…and the defendant was lying on the bed touching her.”

This disturbing attack was made even the more tragic by the fact that her screams for help were ignored as those nearby assumed them to be from students messing around.

Mr. Bari then escalated his attack, “he tried to strangle her and held a knife to her throat. He started telling her that all he wanted to do was lie on her and kiss her, but not to have sex.” Miss Salako added, “She begged him not to touch her, and to leave her alone and actually put her hands together and prayed in front of him.” Mr. Bari responded to these please by saying, “What a stupid girl, you could have closed your door and nothing would have happened,” – implying that the attack was her fault.

Bari, of Summerwood Road, Hounslow, initially denied any involvement, yet changed his plea to guilty of sexual assault after being formally identified by the victim.

Royal Holloway College wishes to reassure students that this was only an isolated incident and was not to be seen as a potentially repeatable act. A spokeswoman said the accommodation was contracted to a private language school operator at the time of the attack, and that Mr. Bari had been employed by a contract security company. “Royal Holloway has opened its facilities to such organizations from many years and although it was very unfortunate, it was an isolated event.”

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