An emotive and frank interview with the big man himself

Much has changed since then – Joff is now the UnionÂ’s President, I now edit this newspaper, and Joff is now quite the fan of the NUS. Or at least thatÂ’s how he comes across. He also has more leaflets, business cards and flyers than you can shake a stick at, or at least the SU does. I always remember that first meeting with Joff being quite bizarre. Being a first year, I was one of very few people who hung around the SU (normally with a pad and pen!) who had no idea who he was. He was just some fat guy who walked around wearing sandals and carrying an umbrella.

Over time I realised that Joff had developed quite a reputation, having already been a student for three years, many speculate that he had had his eye on presidency since he first arrived at Holloway and that he didnÂ’t just appear in four plays a term because he enjoyed drama. It was all about getting the Joff brand out there, and one can only marvel at how well he has done that.

Joff entered the Insanity studios in his normal blustering fashion, leaping straight onto a computer and catching up with his emails and the news while I checked the recording volume and microphone positioning. I had decided to record this interview, rather than transcribe it, so that you donÂ’t have to put any effort into acquiring it.

My intention had been to give Joff a bit of a grilling, try and give him a little bit of a ‘Paxman’ treatment. Yet, whether you love him or hate him, the man is as formidable as Tony Blair, giving very good answers that seem to satisfy the question asked, even though on reflection, that wasn’t always the case.

Although renowned for being an anti-SU character, I canÂ’t help but warm to Joff. He is relentlessly optimistic and will never back down from an argument. Enough from me, if youÂ’re interested, just navigate to and have a listen, itÂ’s compelling stuff!

Click here to listen to the interview.

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