Student arrives at Holloway with TB

The college informed The Founder that it had received confirmation from Surrey Primary Care Trust that the student “does not pose an infectious risk within the College and has never done so.”

When asked by The Founder about the quality of information it receives on the health of students, the college responded “Universities request that potential students declare any health issue or disability before they arrive, but there is no legislation to enforce this. Health records are confidential. When students declare an issue, the College is able to provide a variety of learning support.”

The college emailed all students as soon as the infection was confirmed saying that “Within 2 weeks of starting treatment someone with tuberculosis is no longer infectious to others and this period passed before the student arrived at College”. “The majority of students will have previously received the BCG vaccination and are likely to be protected. Even if this is not the case, TB is treatable with a course of antibiotics,” the email concluded.

In response to The Founder’s inquiry on what action, if any, was the college taking in the light of this case, the college wrote “The College took action as soon as it learnt of the TB case. Surrey Health Services advised us that it was extremely unlikely that the student posed any medical threat. As a precaution the student was moved out of halls and check-ups were carried out on those who came into prolonged contact with the student.”

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