Scout’s Honour

Dib Dib Dob anyone? It wore me out just looking at what the band has been up to over the last six months, so what has it been like to actually experience it?
Greg: It is really bizarre – I don’t think it has actually quite sunk in.
Roy: We did a session for Radio 2 last week and I listened to the CD today and canÂ’t even remember doing it! ItÂ’s mad because six months ago we were in part-time jobs.
Greg: I wasnÂ’t though because according to the Inland Revenue I donÂ’t exist so it probably isnÂ’t a good idea for me to be in a pop trio!
Roy: LetÂ’s hope they donÂ’t find you out! We have been playing together for ten years in our rooms doing the same sort of thing and have really enjoyed doing it. All of a sudden we have just (at this point Roy launches his hand into the sky and makes the sound of an aeroplane).
Pete: But that doesn’t come out very well on a dictaphone. Aeroplane taking off – it was very good!

Now you guys have known each other since you were kids so letÂ’s start with the usual lowdown on how you guys met.
Greg: Me and Roy met at school when we were eleven and Roy and Pete met when they were about six or seven at Cubs. So a long time – you get less for murder!
Roy: We are like a family.

How do you think the time that you have known each other has benefited the band?
Roy: I really canÂ’t see myself doing this with anyone else. I donÂ’t see what the point would be doing this with people you werenÂ’t really good friends with.
Pete: I could! (Laughs)
Roy: (Laughing) Yeah….I could imagine doing this without Greg – true friends stick together! If you want a scoop: Scouting For Girls have now split up.

There have been rumours that SheÂ’s So Lovely is an ode to the childrenÂ’s TV presenter Michaela Strachen, is there any truth in this?
Roy: No, isnÂ’t actually about her as we already have a track that is especially for her called Michaela Strachen Broke My Heart (When I Was 12). She actually emailed me to apologise for breaking my heart when she found out. We were just a little band, way before the record deal, but we had a fanclub called The Wolf Club. I had sent out a message and one of our Wolf Clubs worked at Channel 5 and he then told her. I thought it could go one of two ways: we could either get a call from her lawyers or she would really like it. She then sent me an email saying that she was really sorry for breaking my heart when I was twelve and that she didnÂ’t meant to do it.
Pete: And then you got the call from the lawyers! (Laughs).
Roy: I sent her a copy of the CD and she actually emailed back when we were recording that song at the time and said that she had just told her mate about it and the mate was only Timmy Mallet – how weird is that?! She’s So Lovely is like The Graduate.

How about getting her in the video if you decide to release the track as a single?
Greg: She lives in South Africa so we would have to fly out there. I donÂ’t knowÂ….it would be a bit expensive. Pete doesnÂ’t like flying also.
Roy: Even when you are at the most amazing airport it is still more fun to watch how scared Pete gets!
Pete: No-one has convinced me that flying is right yet.

Talking about lovely ladiesÂ….how have your love lives improved since forming the band?
Greg: (Throws his arm into the air) I have actually got one! I say join a band because you get loads of chicks – this has taken me years! (Rest of band fall into hysterics).
Roy: I have had a girlfriend for a while.
Pete: ItÂ’s weird because we have three generations on fans.

So which do you prefer then – the daughters, the mums or the nans?!
Pete: They are all lovely if they buy the album!
Roy: It is weird how many generations it crosses. You get the younger fans at the front and then at the back you get a massive roar when you mention the likes of Wacaday. Then right at the back you have the ‘I don’t like festivals but ooh they are quite good’ people. There is a place in the tent for everybody. At the end of the day we are just trying to give people a good time….like Greg!

It is inevitable that whenever a new band emerges they get comparisons and for you critics have noted that there is a likeness to The Beach Boys. What are your thoughts on this?
Roy: We are happy with it – they were a great band. We would be up for doing a TV show like The Monkees though. I think it would have been great to put Pete into Celebrity Big Brother if it was still going on, as he wouldn’t last five minutes. He would have to go on the normal Big Brother…actually Celebrity Big Brother would take him because they would have any old nobody these days! How about Celebrity Wife Swap?!
Pete: I would like to see Greg in HellÂ’s Kitchen with someone telling him what to do.
Greg: I just like to control what is going on in my kitchen.
Pete: If you want anything burnt just go to him.
Greg: ItÂ’s all about the charcoal-smoky flavour!

How would you go about describing your own sound?
Roy: ItÂ’s feel-good pop I thinkÂ…or maybe indie-pop-rock.

And what about the nostalgic feel?
Roy: The whole thing which we tried to do with this album is put together eleven really good songs which would stand out. When the producer and record label came to listen to it they were saying with every track that it could be a single and that was our idea. When we play live it’s like a party. We don’t want people to come just to see the band but to actually enjoy themselves. It annoys me when you get frontmen who don’t work the crowds – it is not their privilege to come and see you. It is great that everyone has just taken to it because we are not trying to be complicated or smart. We are just trying to take it out there and have a party. We don’t pretend to be anyone that we are not.

And what can fans expect from your debut album?
Roy: There are three or four really fun tracks like James Bond and Elvis AinÂ’t Dead and there are a couple more like ItÂ’s Not About You which are more indie-pop. Because we have been doing it for so long we had quite a few songs to choose from! I really love the album.

With the singles they are feel-good and some are quite comical like James Bond. Do you worry that some may not take you seriously?
Roy: I really donÂ’t care. I just think as long as they see what we are about.
Pete: It is not comical to the point where we dress up funny, have snow coming down, and are surrounded by dwarfs.
Roy: I think if people come and see us then they will realise that we are to be taken seriously but not too seriously. I think even with the James Bond song it is quite passionate and is quite sad because it is about wanting to be someone that you are not. Even though it is complete nonsense it is about someone not being happy with the way that they are. To be honest I really donÂ’t care. I think there are different layers of songs. ItÂ’s all about having a good time and trying to connect with an audience and for them to have a really good time. We have so much fun on stage and I think it is just infectious.
Greg: We are not a comical band but we are when we have a few too many and do some acoustic sessions.

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