The Enemy Within

I shall begin with a damning condemnation of the ‘distortionistas’, the rightwing journalists that manipulate information and deceive millions into believing that the well-trodden paths of xenophobia and chauvinism lead to Illyria. Murdoch’s deplorable rags dominate the market. The Daily Mail rears its swollen head from the flotsam of the 1950s, outselling all but The Sun and igniting a renaissance of reactionary politics. The right continues its permanent campaign for ostracism. The preaching is simply childish; anyone that isn’t white and British is understood to be dangerous. It is posited that we should close our borders, act unilaterally, lower taxes and recreate ‘Christian England’. Despite the innumerable benefits of immigration, EU membership, opportunity, secularism and acceptance. Months ago I happened upon an interesting article entitled ‘Will Britain one day be Muslim?’. Need I say that it was an exercise in stupidity and falsity? According to ‘current demographic trends’ the British shall become a minority within 20 years. This article was disquieting as well as incorrect; another article published in the same paper concluded that white British women should have more children and get married. Yet this is the picture these journalists paint: a Britain under siege. Jonny Foreigner is the object of their hatred. These tabloids read like a bad parody of ‘Mein Kampf’. It is alleged that Britain is a ‘Stalinist’ state; it is a place where charity has become one of the governing principles of society. For fear! These suffocating and frankly ludicrous ideas are poisonous. Moronic columnists enthusiastically promulgate their belief in a ‘liberal conspiracy’, locked in the rabid belief that our government (controlled by itinerant quasi-socialist liberal elites) systematically partakes in the erosion of our civil liberties. These rightwing suggestions would transmute Britain; they would amount to the desecration of our economy and the emasculation of our government.

I reserve vitriol for those that agree with these idiotic writers and orators. The horizon beyond their rhetoric is grey and lifeless. A Christian Britain withdrawn from the European Union would be a terrible place. Forget the ‘War on Terror’ and Islamic fanatics, forget ‘bleeding heart liberals’ and forget the ‘Eurodictators’. The true enemy is the rightwing polemic. He twists relevant information until it becomes a vaguely coherent and guttural plea for a return to the past. He hates difference. He hates the ‘sodomite’, ‘nigger’ and the ‘raghead’. The idea of miniscule Britain asserting itself unilaterally as a ‘separate foreign power’ is preposterous. The EU makes us stronger, and our consensual moral order is one to be admired rather than criticised. It is a fetish of mine to assert that the sin qua non of occidental society is tolerance. Any socially conservative or nationalistic argument might be destroyed by reason alone. Muslim fanatics (constituting a mere fraction of Britain’s Islamic community) are relatively harmless. There is no such thing as the ‘political correctness brigade’, and our government is far from Orwellian. The grey world of the distortionistas is a dangerous one; they have created their own Britain, a mere shell of the real. A misperception. There is no ‘clash of civilisations’, simply a cataclysmic struggle between two antonymous forces: tolerance and intolerance.

Self-appointed iconoclasts intend to undo the decent work of past governments. It is the task of the state to make provisions for acceptance and cohesion. I would never deny Richard Littlejohn the right to voice his spurious, tragicomic and insipid views. I would conclude, however, that he and his colleagues are a far greater threat to society than any Islamist or leftist. Consider Britain today. It is a relatively powerful and moderately affluent country. The population is tiny. The right would have us withdraw from the one institution that enables Britain to participate in serious world politics and wield enormous political and economic influence. That institution is the EU. The right berates and torments Muslims, strangling moderates as well provoking orthodoxy and militancy. The right seeks to disparage the secular opinions and innate munificence of the majority. As these newspapers become more proficient and propagandist the British people become more vile and destitute. Patriotism is the syphilis of nations, engendering madness and instinctive hatred. The flag of St. George represents a greater danger than the rabid haranguing of any fanatical cleric. In excluding Muslims and immigrants we are alienating worthy and potentially dangerous communities; the surest path to intellectual and economic penury is the stunted rightwing idealization of a patriarchal and traditional society. It is a common assertion that it is the left that despises Britain. This is not the case. The society of secular and liberal values flew forth from the womb of rationalism and anything less is hell. It is the conservative that loathes this unabashedly non-religious and semi-meritocratic country. He spits, and oh so repugnantly, on our communal values.

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