Canned heat, or deflating balloon?

Well I would say this, politics can be turbulent at the best of times and one can say that politics can be a “rough trade”. I speak as someone who does not necessarily agree with New Labour ideals and would suggest a change of government due to the stagnation of what we have now. Yet as I speak to people on and off campus on the issue of whether Gordon Brown is becoming a deflated balloon, I get a mixed message. Some want him out and have a fresh faced government but others are more cautious and highlight the idea that he has only been in power for a few months and he does actually challenge the state and takes serous decisions and does make mistakes like every other human being. These things are all admirable but not when you are running a country. As we see time and time again in the papers, there is a clash over every issue with Gordon Brown and people in government especially Cameron. Let’s take the issue of the EU reform treaty. Whereas Cameron is wishing to call one, Brown says the treaty was not important enough to merit a referendum. Polls look on the up for the conservatives and Gordon Brown would seem to be losing his touch from this issue. To salvage this, Gordon Brown is going to have to find a way to bring flesh to the “vision” he has spoken of so often. But can people wait for it or are events like not calling an election and badgering from the Conservatives, for the government to sort out its policies and go to the people ‘rattle the cage’ of the current government. Cameron reminded Brown of his statement on Monday that he would have called off the election even if the polls had suggested that he was heading for an easy victory. He asked whether Mr Brown expected anyone to believe that, before adding: “You are the first Prime Minister in history to flunk an election because you thought you were going to win it.” Gordon Brown must surely have begun to believe the predictions.

One thing to note, which some in the media and even in the different political parties tend to forget especially on the awaited election is that the sad truth is that he never wanted an autumn election. It had almost certainly been his intention to call an election in his first year, but he always had next May in mind. Even as David Cameron pesters Gordon Brown, he waits till his wished time. How long will he last with the current British political climate; volatile and demanding?

One thing I have perceived that when someone is doing something for a long period or an ideal is attempted to be maintained, there are cracks across the veneer. You only have to look back at when the Conservatives ruled during 80 and 90Â’s. Gordon Brown can be Canned Heat, waiting patiently waiting for the dust to settle, but how long till the balloon pops?

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